The Financial Timeline

Understanding The Financial Timeline

While we all live our lives in different ways, many of our lives major milestones are similar, and have lasting, important impacts on our finances. Learn more here about these milestones and the importance of planning for them accordingly.

STAGE 1  |  Setting The Stage

This is an exciting time in your life! You are establishing and building your career and possibly experiencing life events such as marriage.

While this time is exciting, it is also the critical to set yourself up for the future. Setting up your finances during this stage of your life will afford you the opportunity to enjoy life, have fun and avoid the stress of living pay check to pay check.

Now is one of the best times for you to start saving – time is your biggest ally to your financial wellbeing so let’s take advantage of it!

At this stage, we will help you manage student loans and credit card debt, determine a budget that makes sense for your cash flow and help you set your long term financial goals.

STAGE 2  |  Pursuing Your Goals

This stage is typically looked at as the most overwhelming and stressful financial stage in your life.  You are typically earning the lowest income over your lifetime with the highest expenses in this stage.

 Not to worry – our goal is to help you make it through and prosper by working the plan we have put in place!

 You may be adjusting to married life or having children.  You may be in a position where your job has taken a different turn or you are just seeing your career begin to advance. Your financial picture might not be that pretty today – that’s OK.  You are facing your financial situation in order to improve that picture.

 Often times your finances take a back seat based on our busy lives – this is why people seek out our assistance.  Rely on us to help you revisit your plan and make the appropriate adjustments so that you can focus on your life knowing you have a solid financial plan in place in order to:

  • Pay off student loans or other debts
  • Buy a home
  • Produce a family plan
  • Structure a college savings plan for your children
  • Help manage for the unexpected (i.e., change in employment, swings in the economy)
  • Managing taxes
  • Retirement and estate planning

STAGE 3  |  Retirement Readiness

Whether or not you started early in saving for retirement, this stage of your lifedetermines your retirement readiness.

This stage is focused on executing a plan that allows you to live a comfortable lifestyle with an eye towards setting up for your retirement. At this point, you want to be serious about making the best financial decisions that will make retirement possible, especially the way in which you envision it.

At Diener Money Management, we make sure your investments are properly managed and maximized in order to pursue your retirement goals. We build a plan and review your progress every step of the way.

STAGE 4  |  Enjoy What You Earned

Retirement is here, now is the time to indulge in your favorite hobbies, travel, enjoy your family and prepare for transferring your wealth.

 Our focus is on keeping you happy and comfortable with spending and saving.  We ask the tough questions and plan for you.

 We specialize in the protection of your assets, healthcare, aged care planning, inheritance, preserving your capital, and estate planning.

 This is your life and we are here to ensure that you reap the benefits your financial planning and hard work.

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