About Our Team

Seth J. Diener | Client Portfolio Manager & Team Lead

My Role: Design World Class Investment Portfolios for our clients.

With over 20 years of investment knowledge and experience, my strength has always been in economic strategies. Through daily research and innovative thinking, I will provide you with top notch investment approaches. With my lead, my team will partner with you to ensure your financial stability and security, allowing you to work towards pursuing your life dreams.

Jamie Casper | Client Experience Manager

My Role: Provide our clients the support and clarity they need throughout the course of our time working together.

Here at Diener Money Management, we use a team approach where each member serves a purpose. If you need help finding an answer to your question, I am the person who can ease your concern.

You can expect me to check in from time to time to make sure everything is going well, both financially and personally. We value the relationships we build with each one of you, as we see you as part of our family. Always know, that everyone on our team has your best interest in mind, and we work hard every day, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Ryan Rickus | Diener Money Wealth Planner

My Role: Helping you to identify your goals and creating a plan on how you can accomplish them.

For our clients, first and foremost my goal is to help them pursue financial success on their terms. That starts with helping you understand the long-term planning process and building a custom financial plan that meets your needs. Whether you just started saving for retirement, are nearing retirement and need clarity on how to proceed, or are in retirement and worried about outliving your money – I can help you find the right path for you.

Let me be your guide to building sustainable wealth today.

Donovan Stuard | Diener Money Wealth Consultant

My Role: Helping you create a plan to invest and prepare for your future.

My goal is to help you pursue your goals and prepare for a comfortable retirement. No matter what stage in the saving process, I can work with you to build a plan that will provide the security you need while building long-term financial success.

Alex Lerch | Marketing Director

My Role: Helping our clients stay informed about the latest information on the economy, markets, and other happenings through media and communication.

I strive to make sure important information about the changing economy gets delivered to our clients in the way they enjoy receiving them. From videos to social media posts to email, my goal is to pass along success stories, financial tips and timely information so that our clients receive the constant communication they deserve.

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