About Our Team

Seth J. Diener | Client Portfolio Manager & Team Lead

My Role: Design World Class Investment portfolios for our clients.

With over 15 years of Investment knowledge and experience, my strength has always been in economic strategies. Through daily research and innovative thinking, I will provide you with top notch investment approaches. With my lead, my team will partner with you to ensure your financial stability and security, allowing you to work towards realizing your life dreams.

Kurt W. Kushner | Certified Financial Planner

My Role: Provide time tested Financial Planning for our clients’ present and future.

After 25 years as a Financial Planner, and more than a decade of leading a team of financial advisors for a Fortune 100 company, I have joined the Diener Money Management team to assist you with your financial and estate planning concerns. After being a colleague of Seth Diener for several years, I am excited to now collaborate with him as your Certified Financial Planner to harmonize your financial plan with your investment strategy. I will work with you to create proactive, goals based, financial plans.

Brent J. Spinieo | Insurance Assistant

My Role: Assist Seth in protecting our client’s financial futures.

For more than 20 years I have been assisting clients in realizing their visions, goals and dreams. The most rewarding aspect of my role is knowing that the effort I provide will have you in a better place tomorrow then you are today. I will help you and your family plan against potential worst-case scenarios, and I approach this role with sincerity and extreme importance.

Kristin Endrick | Client Solutions Specialist

My Role: Support our clients in pursuing their individual financial goals.

With over 20 years of service experience, a “client first” focus has always been my driving motivation. I will embrace my relationship with you with care, kindness and with utmost priority. As your Relations Specialist on the team, my hope is to ensure that our experience together will feel like family.

Lisa Fee | Client Strategy Manager

My Role: Support our clients in pursuing the right strategy to fit their needs.

I live by a very simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.  This is my promise to you if you choose to work with us. I believe in what we do and I take pride in the personal relationship and support we provide our clients.  You are much more than just a client to us – you are a part of our family. My job is to support you in exceeding the financial goals you have mapped out with Seth Diener.  We recognize that your life is busy enough.  I would like you to think of me as the “health and well being coach” to your financial plan.

Please understand that Lisa is not securities licensed and does not provide any securities or financial planning advice.

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