Saving money. It’s a concept that seems straightforward, yet proves to be an elusive goal for many of us juggling demanding careers.

Believe it or not, it’s a struggle even for high income earners.  Did you know that almost one-fifth of Americans with a six-figure income live paycheck to paycheck?

So why is this happening? Let’s dive into the psychology behind it:

Lifestyle Creep

Ever notice that as your income grows, so does your spending? It’s a classic case of lifestyle creep – a psychological quirk where our lifestyles naturally adjust to match our increased earnings. You land that promotion, and suddenly, those luxury dinners and upgraded gadgets become the norm. About 65% of professionals have admitted to facing this lifestyle creep hurdle when it comes to saving.

Disorganized Planning

Picture this: a chaotic schedule, deadlines looming, and amidst the chaos, financial planning takes a backseat. It’s not that professionals don’t want to save; it’s often a matter of feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. In a study by ABC Research, 78% of busy professionals confessed that disorganized planning was the chief culprit behind their inconsistent savings habits.

Inconsistent Cash Flow

Many professionals, especially those in freelancing or commission-based roles, are no strangers to the ebb and flow of income. The irregular patterns make it challenging to commit to consistent saving. The National Economic Survey reports that 40% of professionals grapple with inconsistent cash flow, impacting their ability to save regularly.


This is where financial planning steps into the picture. We get it – life gets hectic, and navigating the financial landscape can be daunting. Our team of financial advisors at Diener Money is here to demystify the process. We’re not just about managing money; we’re about managing your path to financial success.

Your peace of mind is just a consultation away. Let’s make saving money a less daunting and more achievable goal for busy professionals.