Why do we go the gym, especially in January?

Rolling out of bed on chilly, dark mornings to exercise might be a struggle, but the energy boost you get afterward makes it all worthwhile. You hit the gym to secure that future fitness payoff, right?

Now, could this same principle apply to your finances?

Just like with exercise, most of us invest for the long haul, expecting our efforts to pay off down the road. Just as we prepare our bodies for potential health issues, we need to prep our finances for the unexpected. So, what’s the connection between sweating it out at the gym and financial planning and investing? Well, not many folks gear up for investing, except maybe when choosing from retirement plan options.

Here’s why that should change:

Exercise for Financial Resilience

Exercise helps our bodies handle stress, making us more resilient when health issues arise. Similarly, if you’re navigating the investment world solo, you need a methodical routine for taking in market data. You also need a strategy for handling unforeseen events, like market downturns.

Training Your Money Muscles

Think of a good financial plan as a workout regimen for your finances. It involves setting goals, creating budgets, and making smart investment decisions. Just like exercise strengthens your body, a robust financial plan builds resilience and helps you navigate the ups and downs of economic challenges.

The Plan is Your Routine

Crafting a solid financial plan is akin to designing a personalized exercise routine. Both require discipline, consistency, and a clear strategy. Regular financial workouts, like monitoring spending and saving, ensure your financial muscles stay strong, ready to face whatever financial hurdles come your way.


Investing is no different than exercising – you can shape your financial future with the same intentionality you bring to your daily workout. You can wander among the clanking weights or plan exactly how to invest your energy. You know which method works better.


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